The Death Tarot Card: New Paths and Possibilities

The Death Tarot Card Of The Major Arcana T-shirtThe Death card holds one of the most important messages in the entire deck of tarot cards. Like the Halloween Season, it is shrouded in myths, miss-tellings and undeniable truths. Death is associated with the constellation Scorpio, which is traditionally coming to its zenith, around the end of October in the northern hemisphere. This card is one of the most positive cards in the deck, it simply means that life altering changes are coming into your life.

Halloween known as All Hallows Eve and Samhain is truly a season celebrating new life by mourning death. It is followed by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and All Saints Day in Catholic traditions, then by the All Souls Day on November 2. However the celebration of Death takes many forms, and is honored all over the world at various times throughout the wheel of the year.

Death Tarot Card Ladies' Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
Death Tarot Card Ladies’ Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Death is the ultimate change to a life, however this card is expressing the death of less appealing situations and the choice to ask new questions, find new paths and open up to the endless possibilities in front of us. We have the choice to act and the ability to follow through.

While Death is a card that appears to be dark, is truly a card about the coming changes.
During the festivals of death, we leave out cookies and food for the departed spirits. Some are left to keep us safe. Some are left to feed the spirits of our families and those who have no one to remember them. The season of Death is the warning to prepare for the coming winter.

When Death has waltzed into our life we find that he is shaking up our world in many significant ways. The things that once comforted us like our old blanket or poster, is now obsolete. Old thinking patterns are crumbling and a paradigm shift is on its cusp. Death gives way to new life. While we may not always see it. Look outside during fall and see the leaves turning into a forest floor. There are many more examples around us if we choose to see them and acknowledge that they exist.

Death Tarot Card Tote BagCarry Death on your shoulder with this tote to remind people that death is always a part of our immortality and our mortality… Change is inevitable, whose paradigm will shift when they see your T-Shirt?

Our Journey begins with a Card – The Fool

The Fool is the clown. The Fool is the person who knows that they have the unlimited potential of mind to choose and forge new paths. This archetype is that of the innocent. The Fool is the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants-ness that is life. The Fool is the person who is in the flow and is in the right place at the right time. Fool is the person in balance who seeks to grow.

What is the Fool’s message?

Representing new beginnings and a walking meditation, the Fool shows us the options, the roads and adventures that we are embarking on. This is the universes gift, a no-strings, no-limits, only opportunity’s to thrive, if we choose to see. The Fool asks us to watch were we are going, but stay grounded in the present.

When does the Fool authentically beginning a new chapter of life? The Fool is the beginning and the end of our journey. When fear overtakes us the the Fool asks us to open our hearts and our minds. When we fear the challenges in-front of us the Fool asks for trust.

The Fool Tarot Card Major Arcana Ceramic Mug
The Fool Tarot Card Ceramic Mug

Where do we find the Fool in our daily life? If we choose to drink from the Fool’s cup at work, know that we may not be understood, but our path is true. If we drink from the Fool’s cup on the path to love, know that it will come, be patient and enjoy the drink. If we choose to sip from the Fool’s mug of health, we must watch our footing, to keep the foundation solid.

How does the sacred Fool impact our spiritual questions?

Stare intently at the poster of the Fool’s Journey or stare at the card. As we explore the Fool’s image, what questions come to mind? Are we exploring new places, ideas and people? Are we asking the tough questions to find the important answers?

The Fool Tarot Card Ultra Wash Ladies T-Shirt
The Fool Tarot Card Ultra Wash Ladies T-Shirt

Why do we want the Fool in our closet? To wear the Fool we must acknowledge that we do not know everything. We must trust that the Fool’s lesson will spread beyond our own skin. Trust the image will open questions in the mind of others, setting them on their Fool’s Journey.

To wear the Fool we must acknowledge that we do not know everything. We must trust that the Fool’s lesson will spread beyond our own skin.

On his mythic journey as the sacred Fool, Rosario Salerno designed this deck of tarot cards.