Interview with Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Reader Heru Jerome

Heru Jerome is a Manhattan based Tarot, Oracle & Crystal reader with over 15 years experience working with the Tarot and the ancient laws of MAAT (Balance). He is a certified Kemetic Priest and Empath with the ability to deeply connect with his clients and get to the heart of matters. We talked to Heru Jerome about his early beginnings with spiritual energy, what Tarot means to him and which are some of his favourite Tarot decks.

When did you first become interested in tarot?

This is a great question. I was born with site, when I was 8 years old I was at a bus stop with my Grandmother on a very beautiful day and was looking into the clouds and saw the silhouette of a man. He actually was looking at both me and my grandmother and I could see him walking around. The thing is that even at that age I had a sense of energy and I didn’t get a bad vibration from this experience at all. However, it was as if time stood still and I felt connected to source (even if I did not understand it at the time). My Grandmother is Shinecock and grew up on the reservation in Long Island, when I told her what I saw she didn’t tell me I was crazy she told me it was okay. Well, to make a long story short when we got home about 45 minutes after that my Grandmother got a call that her brother died. We went out on the porch that evening and she let me know that I am very special and was put here for a very specific purpose. My family has always nurtured who I truly am. It is interesting to me, well as a Tarot Reader it shouldn’t be but still is, how the universe aligns itself and puts people along your path in your lifetime to help you realize your true energy and self.

My mother is amazing and always exposed me to different religions when I was growing up. We went to Mosques, Catholic Churches, Baptist Churches, Buddhist Temples, and Synagogues. She always instilled in me that it was me who would find the channels to let my spiritual energy flow. Back in the 90s I met one of my very close mentors Troy Harrison, who opened Afrakuts House of Kham Nu. The community at Afrakuts had me connected with all sorts of energies in NY, NJ and Brooklyn. The tri state was just so different back then, the energy was very special and at times I really miss it. This is the time where I met Baba Heru Ankh Ra Semahj Se Ptah as a young boy who would greatly influence me as I got older. He truly helps people find their true light having done so for Ben Vereen, Erykah Badu, and Wesley Snipes. Baba eventually mentored me for 5 years when I turned 26 years old. Now at 33, he has helped me to understand the concepts of MAAT. I started reading tarot when I was 18 off and on. When I started my journey to become a Kemetic Priest I re-connected with Tarot as I never have before. I was able to understand it with such a deeper understanding after studying the alchemy of Egypt for so long. All of these paths have allowed me to walk into the light of my own business Worthy Tarot. There are so many beautiful and talented readers out here right now. My energy and the path I traveled to truly find myself sets me apart in the spiritual world. I have been able to clearly define my brand and how I want to communicate with my clients.

When did you start reading professionally?

I started reading when I was 18 years old. I launched Worthy Tarot in 2015, really long time in the making!

What does Tarot mean to you?

Tarot means so many things to me. I do not know where I would be without it. It is a beautiful spiritual language that speaks to us at different times in our lives, in different ways for different reasons. I find it to be a compass that helps us to navigate difficult terrain. It has become more and more apparent to me that our souls must mature just as we do in a lifetime. So, they incarnate through lifetime after lifetime all in different bodies, sexes, races, sometimes on different worlds to resolve those things that we must learn to reach illumination. Once we are truly illuminated we have no more use to incarnate and can start to focus on our true spiritual work in greater focus. However, we do have those examples of those advanced souls who have made the decision to incarnate although they have not needed to so they can change and inspire on a global level. Tarot helps me to navigate this terrain and always serves as a compass to find light even in the darkest of situations. I would never get in a car and just blindly drive to Cincinnati, I would use a navigation system. Tarot for me is that navigation system and does it with such beautiful art and symbols that even after all these years I continue to discover new things in.

What are your favorite decks and cards?

I have about 60 decks, I think that decks are like people, all different with very different energies. The thing that I love about the time that we live in is that with the changing ages there are so many people who have turned to spirituality to truly find themselves. This has created a vast array of beautiful decks. I tend to like decks that incorporate different races, sexes, decks that are more contemporary or don’t seem to have a time period associated with them at all. Some of my favorite decks are Rotin Tarot, Alice and Wonderland Tarot (Baba Studios), Cosmic Tarot, Linestrider Tarot, Prisma Visions Tarot, Black Power Tarot, Brotherhood of Light Tarot, Edward Gorey Oracle, Starchild Tarot, Nomad Tarot, Silver Era Tarot, Sacred Symbols Divination and Meditation Oracle, Tarot of the Stolen Child, Eroteme Tarot. I could go on and on, the thing about me is that I am a reader who actually uses all of my decks. I do not get decks just to collect them, I actually use them in one way or another. If not just for myself it’s for, ritual, daily meditation, or for my clients. My professional layouts are very unique, I read with 3 different Oracles; one drawn to Sacred Feminine, one drawn to Sacred Masculine, and one in between. These I use to build a Meridian Line. I create my tarot layouts under the Meridian Line, as it opens up the way to what the tarot will say. I lay out in the four quadrants as protected by the 4 sons of Heru (Horus) in Kemet (Egypt). This ritual helps me to read into psyche. I deeply connect with soul, its shadow and its light in all of my readings. Every professional reading has me using 5 decks at one time, so when I create my Matrix (Lay-out) it is like watching a movie.
For those who like Tarot Porn, haha. Follow me on Instagram @worthytarot I post every week with a 7 day cycle of one of the decks from my growing collection. This way it takes a very long time to do repeat postings with a deck, and people can get an idea of the energy I am drawn to when I choose to work with a deck. You can also check out my site where I have been blessed to meet and write articles with many of the artists who have created the decks I use on a daily basis. I post these articles once a month and am always giving much love and thanks to the caliber of artists who have agreed to interview with me.

You can check my site out at
You can follow me on Instagram @worthytarot

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